Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Renox Creek - Frozen

Went out again today. This time to Little Renox Creek at Salem Park in Cumberland County, Kentucky. It was a bit colder today than on Thursday. The moisture from my breath froze on my mustache and beard a couple of times. Had fun. Painting time was about 2 hours.

"Little Renox Creek - Frozen"
22" x 28", plein air, oil on stretched linen



jara said...

Thank you rending and sharing this vision of Little Renox Creek in winter. The atmosphere is still, crisp and hushed, and that's not just because I am living in a winterscape as I write.

TechnoBabe said...

I can tell how very much you want to paint if you are willing to go out in the freezing cold to do it!

Claire Beadon Carnell said... can feel the cold in this. This is a great painting, Bill!

Ania z Kalisza said...

Dzień dobry. Jestem Anna. Mieszkam w Kaliszu, w Polsce. Bardzo podoba mi się pana malarstwo. Często wchodzę na pana stronę i podziwiam, że maluje pan codziennie. Lubię je. U nas też zimno i śnieg. Pozdrawiam gorąco! Ania.