Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Idaho Springs - New Series?

Hello everyone, and thanks for visiting. I love doing these small knife paintings. You've heard that before. I've done the State Series, the Lower 9th Ward Series, a few from Denver that I'm not sure constitutes a series (yet), and now I've started working my way up into the mountains west of Denver.

I lived in Colorado for a decade and it still holds something dear to my heart. I've been traveling around with Street View into the old mining towns that line I-70, and have found some of the architecture that I always loved. A kind of Victorian meets heavy snow mountains meets utilitarian mining meets a longing for culture in a wilderness.

I think I'll hang in the mountains a bit and see what develops. Thanks for looking. Comments are always most welcome.

"Idaho Springs"
5" x 7", oil on canvas panel, palette knife


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Not the usual colors I have come to expect in your paintings. I like the knife work.