Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hawaii - Last of the State Series (Finally)

Google released their Street Views of Hawaii a couple of weeks ago, which means I finally get to finish the Street View State Series (on the blog) (on the website). I had substituted Washington DC for Hawaii back in April of this year. So it's nice to officially end that one.

I'd like to have a small show somewhere displaying all the paintings together if that's possible. If not, I'll probably start piecing the paintings out. Sure would like to sell the group as a whole though. ;-)

5" x 7", oil on canvas panel, palette knife


TechnoBabe said...

You picked a nice scene to paint. What island was this? You have the colors just right.

Chad said...

love that light and color Bill

Tom said...

Congrats Bill - great series. I assume you found/chose these outtakes from each state from individual images in Google Street View? It would be great if you could link to the exact spot in Street View that inspired each of your works. Would be very interesting for the reader to see... Congrats again!