Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pinckney National Historic Site

Here's a painting I completed to about 90% on location during a recent Stapleton Kearns workshop in Charleston, South Carolina. I finagled (is that a word? and if so, is it spelled correctly?) it a bit at home. Stape calls this approach "colored rice", in which each individual color is laid down separately from the others until the canvas is filled and eventually finessed. I'll write much more on the workshop soon. Met some wonderful people and enjoyed the company and good food.

16" x 20", oil


Mick Carney said...

The application of the paint in this is fabulous. A very strong image.

Bill Guffey said...

Thanks Mick. This one was interesting to do.

Frank Gardner said...

Nicely done Bill. Hope you got a lot out of Stape's class.

Bill Guffey said...

Thanks Frank. I certainly did. Stape knows his stuff. Now if I can just retain a little of what I learned.