Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creek Farm

I knew when I went out this afternoon that time was going to be short yet again (this was about an hour). The clouds were rolling in, the wind picking up, and the temperature dropping. While painting it had dropped through the lower 50's into the upper 40's. But cold hands and feet were nothing compared to the pre-painting party I had.

When searching out a spot on this particular piece of land (of which I have permission to roam freely), I decided to go into the pasture where the cattle feed most of the time. It looked deep in mud, but there might be a dry spot to paint another old house. Instead of going through the gate I looked at the barbed wire fence and saw it was nailed to the tree which meant no electricity. Well, somebody check my glasses for me please...I had lifted the strand above me with my right hand and was straddling the lower strand, when I pushed down on that one with my left hand... ZAP! I hit the ground hard on my right knee, while feeling like something just bit the fire out of my left arm. Too bad nobody was there to take a pic, I'll bet it was pretty funny to see.

By the way, that fence is hot. So be careful.

This plein air piece is 9" x 12" on mounted canvas, palette knife.


LSaeta said...

Yikes! You went to a lot of trouble to get this one. I sooooooo love your under painting and how the color shines through ... as you know I am copying you on this technique. So thanks again!

Bill Guffey said...

Thanks Leslie. The bad part is that I didn't even stay on side of the fence I was trying to get to. I walked around and painted in my original location. :)

Carole Abla said...


I am blown away by your progress. I have not checked your work for at least 6 months on wet canvas.... (sorry:( )

Your palette knife paintings are marvelous! Very "C Mundy - Brent Jensen'ish! I LOVE THEM! I love to use the palette knife too, but it often comes off a bit gimmicky.

Would you mind talking a bit about your process, and palette!

Beautiful work!


I am

L.Holm said...

Ouch!!!! LOL (sorry), but your description got me giggling. That must have hurt. Talk about suffering for your work. Looks like your painting is as strong as ever, though! :-)