Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Chart - Cadmium Yellow Medium

This is the third of the color charts. This is my Cadmium Yellow Medium chart. I mixed CYM with the other colors on my palette with CYM predominating, then added white to each mixture to have 5 separate values of the color, which really are different colors, and not just values, when you look at them separately.

I'm leaving each color in their respective spots on the chart instead of moving the current color to the top left as Mr. Schmid did in his charts in the book, Alla Prima. I'll label the top of each chart with the main color in capitals to differentiate it from the others.

I also did this one on canvas to see the difference from the rigid boards. The canvas I'm using is a coarse weave, which gives the chart a different look, but I think I'll do a few more on canvas before deciding the support.

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