Friday, March 5, 2010

Grodemveien near Byfjorden

How's that for a title? A little knife painting of Norway for the Virtual Paintout this month.

"Grodemveien near Byfjorden"
5" x 7", oil on canvas panel, palette knife


AutumnLeaves said...

Now this is exquisite, Bill. I love the composition and the reds take me by surprise. I think this is a favorite of mine now too! Have to admit that my mouth was tripping over the consonants in the title and the only two I can put together right are the 'fj', mostly because I can say "fjord!" LOL

Sharlette said...

Bill, I have been following your website for some time thinking I will paint with you all, but I haven't retired yet and I am always doing and going somewhere.

My question is what made you decided on Stavanger, Norway? My parents lived there for 6 years. My dad worked on Eckofisk in the North Sea. So needless to say This one has caught my eye and I guess I am going to have to participate... LOL

JRonson said...

from your works this one is my favourite, i love all composition and the colors, nice job, super inspiring :)