Thursday, October 8, 2009

The 101

Here's one I've worked on for a few days. Of course, now that I've signed it and took all the pictures of it, there are things I see that I'll probably change.'s close.

Thanks for looking. Adding some detail, before and after, pics.

24" x 48", oil on linen




Below is a detail of a little extra work. Just suggesting the buildings in the distance, helping to solidify the location. Which, by the way, is near the Los Angeles City College.


Shelley Ross said...

Hi Bill
I really like this one! What an interesting painting - so unique. Your drawing of the cars is great - I find they are tough to get right. Thanks for posting the work in progress, I love seeing those.


PS I'm sightseeing around Belfast in my spare time and hope to find the right spot to paint soon.

Claire M said...

Really cool painting! I frequently drive the freeways in California and never think about them as being interesting. Then seeing your painting ... it makes me want to slow down and appreciate them more.

Celeste Vaught said...

I think this is one of your best ever Bill! I particularly like the simplified shapes of the trees - an aspect of the So-Cal scenery that sticks firmly in my memory.

Pat said...

Pretty cool. I like that you showed us the steps that you took to painting this. Very interesting. I also like that there is a bend in the road, makes for an interesting piece.

orhan_karademir said...

hi Mr. Bill
I'm obliged you to share this uniqe painting.There is something that ı wanna ask you.My Painting lecturer told me that we shouldn't draw the lines before we start the painting(because I always draws the line first and then start to paint it).Now I am seeing that you draw the lines first too,I would like to ask you that is it normal to draw the lines first?Can you lighten me please about it,because it is really important for my creativety.thnx a lot.

Bill Guffey said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Orhan, sometimes I'll draw in charcoal and sometimes thinned paint. I almost always sketch loosely the placement of my composition before I begin in earnest though. Of course, I've had no training, so I just do what feels right at the time.

stanw said...

I love the painting. A unique perspective on something that has been said we often drive along and never notice much. Obviously what feels right to you is sure awesome as your works are superb.