Saturday, August 8, 2009

Berkley Street Morning

Here's one I did from Street View. Well, I used a couple of buildings and trees and then changed the seasons, and time of day. Actually unless you look really hard you can't see any resemblance. I curved the road to add interest, left out the vehicles and telephone poles, and added a hint of a building toward the end of the road to draw the eye just a bit.

Don't know if it works. But I've got to tell you, I had a blast painting this one. I'm including the ref so you can see how far I strayed.

Berkley Street, Rockland, Maine

20" x 24", oil on stretched linen, RGH Oils.


Mec about Paris said...

This is great! The building you've introduced at the end of the road really helps to create a focal point and give depth to the painting... The deviations from the original make for a very interesting piece - i'm enjoying these - will keep looking...

sheena.aguda said...

I agree with Mec about Paris. A very interesting piece indeed. If I didn't look closely to the center I may not be able to see it. Hahaha! This is really amazing!