Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Low Tide Update...

I thought I would let this sit for a day or two, and think about what I wanted to accomplish with it, but I just couldn't. As you can see from the detail shots I got the palette knife out and think it helped (maybe). I'm getting happier with it at this point, but I'm not sure about the area below the stranded little dock. I have part of the dry land jutting out under the dock, but also have a slight shadow cast from the dock onto the water. To me this is confusing, as it could be seen as two shadows.

Any thoughts?


Kim VanDerhoek said...

Hi Bill!

So, I had to think about this one overnight. First, let me say that I like the way you've painted the boats and I also like how you've divided the composition into unequal parts. It's a lovely peaceful scene!

Here's what I see that you might want to think about. Right now I can't tell where your focal point is. Is it the boats (I assume the answer is a yes), is it the dock or is it the houses on the hill in the background? Honestly, I don't think you need the dock. To me it competes too much with the boats and it really doesn't serve any purpose in the painting because it's not pointing me to the focal point or adding interest where you need it. I think taking it out altogether would make a stronger painting.

And if you're comfortable with this suggestion, I would soften some of the rooftops on the buildings in the background and soften the edges on the building on the left. My eye is pulled between the architecture and the boats because the architecture has so many hard edges.

I hope this helps! Normally, I don't give suggestions unless the artist specifically asks for them because I think it takes a lot of courage to post your work in the public eye and I don't ever want to offend or hurt anyone's feelings. Know that I really admire your work and seeing your posts always inspires and brightens my day!

Bill Guffey said...

Hi Kim. Thanks so much for the thought that went into your comments. You see, that is exactly what I was looking for.

I agree about softening the some of the buildings on the hill. Not sure what to do about the dock still. I'm afraid it's the only thing keeping the eye from flying off the painting to the right. So if I lose it...

Should have planned better I think. Oh well. It's only paint. I have no fear of sanding it down later and reusing. :)

That's what this whole painting experience is about for me. Pushing myself beyond where I feel comfortable, and hopefully learning something along the way.

Thanks again for your comments, Kim.

Kim VanDerhoek said...

Hummm, good point. You do need something to keep the viewer from sliding off the canvas. You could add a boat on the shore just above where the dock is now.

Just a thought..