Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Art Day ~ Shaker Village

My family and I went on an art outing today to the Shaker Museum at South Union just west of Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had a great time, although the girls got finished and bored while I was only about half through, so they went in search of ice cream.

Below is Kelly, Katy and Rylea Beth.

This one would be me and my finished painting.

If you look hard enough you can see the girls all gathered together between my setup and the building.

Below are the girls' efforts. Can't put a name to each or I would be sleeping outside. ;)

This is my effort for the day.

What a great day we had! Can't wait to plan the next one.


Anonymous said...

Bill- Cheers to the entire family for spending an enriching day together.
And to the girls- congratulations not on whether one is good or not good.
Just doing it and having fun is what it's all about.

Lovely job on the building.

Bill Guffey said...

Thanks Bonnie. We had a great time. I find brick quite hard to do. Not sure if I like this one completely yet. Have to wait and see.