Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Color Chart - Golden Ochre

Here's my Golden Ochre color chart. I messed this one up and skipped Indian Yellow, which should have been before the Golden Ochre. I got down to my last three blues and noticed I had four columns left. Ugh. I put the Indian Yellow mixtures at the end.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Chart - Indian Yellow

This is my Indian Yellow color chart. I like this one.

Color Chart - Cadmium Yellow Medium

This is the third of the color charts. This is my Cadmium Yellow Medium chart. I mixed CYM with the other colors on my palette with CYM predominating, then added white to each mixture to have 5 separate values of the color, which really are different colors, and not just values, when you look at them separately.

I'm leaving each color in their respective spots on the chart instead of moving the current color to the top left as Mr. Schmid did in his charts in the book, Alla Prima. I'll label the top of each chart with the main color in capitals to differentiate it from the others.

I also did this one on canvas to see the difference from the rigid boards. The canvas I'm using is a coarse weave, which gives the chart a different look, but I think I'll do a few more on canvas before deciding the support.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Color Chart - Cadmium Yellow Light

This is the second of the color charts. This is my Cadmium Yellow Light chart. I mixed CYL with the other colors on my palette with CYL predominating, then added white to each mixture to have 5 separate values of the color, which really are different colors, and not just values, when you look at them separately.

Each color chart will have a predominating color from my palette mixed with the others and then white.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Color Charts

I have decided to paint color charts from the colors on my palette. These charts are done for the purpose of learning to mix your colors that cannot be accomplished in any other way.

Each separate chart has a predominating color, which is then mixed with the other colors on the palette, and then broken down into different values using white.

I'm adding a few more colors than I actually use on a normal basis, 15 in all.

This is the beginning chart which has the pure colors, straight from the tube, across the top. White is then added to each to get different values, which really are different colors individually.

My colors are, from left to right:

Cadmium Yellow Light (RGH Artists Colors)
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Lukas 1862 Oil Paint)
Indian Yellow (Winsor)
Golden Ochre (RGH)
Winsor Red (Winsor)
Lukas Red (Lukas)
Smuggler's Red (My mixture)
Alizarin Crimson (Lukas)
Cadmium Orange (RGH)
Earth Green (Lukas)
Cobalt Violet (RGH)
Blue Gray (my mixture)
Cobalt Blue (Lukas)
Cerulean Blue Light (RGH)
Ultramarine Blue (RGH)

Pop Up

Painted at the campground today.

Pop Up
16" x 20", oil, plein air

Bust of Jefferson

Bust of Jefferson
30 minute exercise
10" x 8", oil, alla prima

Old and in the Way

Old and in the Way
5" x 7", oil, palette knife

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Plein Air Equipment

I thought I'd post about the equipment I use for plein air painting. So I'm including a few pictures and will explain a little on what I use and why.

For me, the most important item of painting outdoors is my easel. My personal favorite is the workhorse called the Take It Easel. The TIE is a Gloucester style easel that opens into a large tripod with crossbars to stabilize it. At about 8 lbs. it is easily slung over the shoulder (with rifle strap) and carried wherever I need it. I posted a short video regarding its setup and breakdown a couple of years ago on YouTube. Here is a link to that video. This easel is so well made it's hard to beat. I have painted up to 30" x 40" canvas on it, and down to an 8" x 10".

I made the paintbox that I sit on the cross bars out of scrap wood I had, and added purchased hardware such as the piano hinge, handle and latches. I also scavenged the canvas holder of off a French easel and attached it to the box. It measures approximately 20" x 20" x 4" thick when closed. It lays completely flat when open which gives me lots of room to sit stuff on the inner lid.

The paint I use is made by a small company in New York state called RGH Artsists' Oil Paints. Great company, great service, and a wonderful product. I normally buy in jars and tube my own.

I just bought a new backpack. The Kelty Redwing 50 is a dream. Lots of pockets and a main compartment that unzips completely for easy packing of extra clothing, shoes, etc. I love it so far.

Equipment Detail of Backpack Contents: 

Paper Towels
Brush Caddy
Blank Canvases
Small Mirror
Candle (for waxing canvas holding rod on easel)
Baggie with Pens, Pencils and Small Clips
Baggie with Nitrile Gloves
Brush Holder
Brush Washer
Extra Battery for Camera

Business Cards

Some of these items are "just in case" items, but those don't weigh much, so I don't worry about keeping them in my pack. You never know what come up when you're out in the woods by yourself.

The small canvases in my pack are there as a "just in case" also, as I usually don't paint under 16" x 20" in the field, and those canvases are held in the holder on the box.

I hope this gives you an idea of what, how and why I pack what I do to go paint in the great outdoors. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll see if I can answer them for you.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Keep Right

Painted at the local state park today.

Keep Right
18" x 24", oil, plein air

Bridge over Bear Creek

Bridge over Bear Creek
18" x 24", oil

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Danny Allen

Danny Allen
Approximately 16" x 14"

Thursday, July 11, 2013


My friend Doc hit a deer while riding his motorcycle and sustained some very serious injuries. There will be a benefit for him at the local park this coming Saturday, July 13th. This drawing will be part of the auction to help raise funds.

approx. 14" x 18

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tree Gestures in Green

Late afternoon painting session trying to capture the movement of this small group of trees.

Tree Gestures in Green
18" x 24", oil, plein air

Shed on the Lane

Quick little palette knife painting.

Shed on the Lane
5" x 7", oil, palette knife

Sunday, July 7, 2013

M247 Sergeant York Tank

Actually, this is called the M247 Sergeant York DIVAD (Division Air Defense), and it was a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG). This tank sits on the property of the Sergeant York State Historic park located in Pall Mall, Tenessee.

M247 Sergeant York Tank
18" x 24", oil, plein air

The Pride of Old Men

The Pride of Old Men
16" x 20", oil

Friday, July 5, 2013

Morgan Schoolhouse in Rain

It has rained inches over the last few days, and I'm still churning out paintings. It rained really hard at times early this evening as I set up under a pavilion at the city park. I have painted this old one room schoolhouse before, although it was from the other side. Tonight I painted it again with the sound of bottle rockets, firecrackers, and the boom of larger fireworks resonating through the air as the big softball tournament was under way, in the rain, on the other side of the park.

Morgan Schoolhouse in Rain
18" x 24", oil, plein air

South Main Rain

I had scheduled a paint out for the 4th of July this year, for the purpose of getting like-minded artists out and painting together. Well, we had 3 inches of rain during the day yesterday, which doesn't make for a nice turnout or conditions. But a few brave souls did decide to test the elements. We painted under any cover we could find. I think there were 8 registered plus me. Not bad for a monsoon. We'll try to get something together again real soon. Here's a link to the KOPS blog with a few pics from the day.

Here is my painting from yesterday.

South Main Rain
18" x 24", oil, plein air